Hundreds of people descended on Newark at the weekend for the fourth annual Pikes And Plunder event. This celebration of the town’s Civil War heritage opened the district’s summer season of major events.

Organisers made sure it was the perfect opener, drawing in visitors from far and wide — helped by the hot, sunny weather. While the centrepiece was the battle between Royalists and Parliamentarians on Sconce and Devon Park, there was also a display in the Market Place and a living history encampment at the castle.

Over the next few months more major events are planned, such as this weekend’s Nottinghamshire County Show, Regia Anglorum’s Seige of Newark Castle, the book festival, and Newark Festival with Marti Pellow as the headline act. There are also the Gate To Southwell Festival, Southwell Music Festival and many events in Sherwood Forest.

As well as putting Newark and Sherwood firmly on the national map, these are vital to the local economy. They bring in visitors who will stay in local hotels or guest houses, eat in cafés and restaurants, use the shops and visit the many tourist attractions on offer.

Always welcome, these visitors are even more crucial this year given the problems caused by the on-going Severn Trent sewer improvement works that are having a major impact on the town centre.

There are many positive things to shout about in Newark and Sherwood.

Well done to all the organisers of the many events planned that will help spread the word about this wonderful district.