After ordering and paying for a lawnmower from Argos Newark online, I took my wife to the store and collected it.

As soon as she entered the store a traffic warden confronted me, telling me to move on or I would get a ticket.

I asked if I could fetch my wife, who suffers from arthritis in both knees, and he firmly said: “Move on or I’ll give you a ticket.”

I asked to inform my wife I was having to move and he repeated his order.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a second officer appeared and stated: “You have refused to move for my colleague, I’m giving you a ticket.”

The Argos salesman who kindly loaded the box in our car, stated I should have driven round and round the block until they had gone.

A beat bobby would have made conversation, fetched my wife and maybe even loaded the mower.

What with this, the high parking fees and the demise of the Market Place, no wonder people are shopping out of Newark. — Mr M. Duckmanton, Browning Road, Balderton.