One Friday, for the first time ever, I could not find a vacant space in Asda’s carpark.

Working on the assumption that no one in their right mind would spend more than half an hour in the supermarket and that a space would soon become available, I joined the queue of cars snaking around the carpark and watched for signs of departees — but to no avail, so I drove off up Albert Street, parked outside B&M Bargains and strolled back into town.

Then I remembered — Asda’s carpark machines have been out of action for several weeks and parking has been free.

What a coincidence that this should have happened at a time when shopkeepers have been complaining about a reduction in visitors due to the disruption caused by the installation of new sewers.

Perhaps the carpark management company could be persuaded not to fix their machines until the end of June? — R. Graves, Farndon (Full address supplied).