I read with interest three related articles in your paper last week, namely the report regarding the Marks and Spencer proposed move, the letter from Gregory Strong and what happened 25 years ago regarding Aldi.

 In that debate regarding Aldi, it was said, to quote Chiels Comments at that time: “The wrong supermarket in the wrong place at the wrong time,” and the Civic Trust’s claim that the creation of a new area was shattered.

Oh how wrong they were. It was the right place and the right time.

Now we have a vibrant trading estate on Northgate with a number of prestigious companies trading on-site and, contrary to opinion at that time, Aldi has been an outstanding success.

Now Marks and Spencer plan to place a new store on Northgate to expand the range of goods supplied.

This will bring in extra trade to the area, which should spill over into the town centre.

Don’t let the NIMBYs drive M&S out of Newark altogether, and, I wonder, are our councilors so positive as to give a cast-iron guarantee that, if turned down, M&S won’t relocate elsewhere?

It has been a known fact that for many years the trading area has gradually crept across town to the north, driven by supermarket provision and high town rates and rents that have driven out many smaller businesses.

One other factor is that development has also been hindered due to the lack of available building land for many businesses to expand into.

This brings me to the letter by Gregory Strong, who praised the Town Hall and the pleasure of his visit but also made a point that we do not promote ourselves as well as we should.

Newark has so much going for it — a fantastic Market Place, a historic story to be proud of and a Town Hall and castle to shout about.

So please councilors, let us do that.

Let us attract businesses that will help Newark grow and not stagnate.

The future can be embraced while promoting the past.

Stopping progress is not the answer. Do not let us have another Robin Hood fiasco. — Derek Green, former mayor, Fair Vale, Norwell.