In Garages Will Make Way For Homes, a district council planning committee member is reported as saying: “The area where the houses are to be built is largely not on the green but where there are old garages.”

I would suggest that prerequisites of being on the planning committee are to have the ability to read and to understand plans. 

The proposed houses will actually occupy about half of the forecourt to the garages (not touching the garages themselves) but will extend substantially into the open space to the east. 

This area is designated in the council’s Core Strategy as an important open space.

Perhaps a short course in policy understanding and plan reading might be helpful?

What is more worrying is that the same committee will presumably consider and decide upon the proposed hotel, ancillaries and, guess what, a convenience store, at the Farndon entrance to Newark.

The artist’s impression shows a building of an indescribably poor design, presumably a bland computer-generated concept rather than being the result of an architect’s expertise and sensitivity.

What a great impression of our beautiful historic town (sadly decaying) this monstrosity would give. 

This is a prime site and demands a development of the highest quality, but I am not holding my breath. — Mary Molloson, Chapel Lane, Coddington.