Let me first of all explain that I am aware that the sewer replacement project affecting Newark at present is essential and necessary.

However, whichever authority is responsible for the chaos the town finds itself in everyday, its plan (assuming there is one) put into place is not working.

I have approached Newark from different directions a good few times but I am yet to see any large signs at all the access points that read ‘major roadworks affecting traffic in Newark leading to long delays’ (or something similar).

The one-way system, is a joke with only Castlegate being one. 

The anti-pollution brigade could have a field day and who would get the blame? The motorist, who else? 

And what has happened to the bus services defies logic.

Almost everyone who travels by bus is complaining of delay upon delay.

Again this has not been planned.

It is typical of what I call crisis management.

With such an inadequate public service system, i.e. buses and railways, we cannot do away with cars and commercial vehicles.

I just fear for the business community who are pluckily struggling in an already tough time. Brian Clark, Hayside Avenue, Balderton.