Having read Mr Chris Bentley’s article (Job Cuts Blamed On Roadworks In Town Centre, Advertiser, May 17) regarding the loss of trade at his fish and chip restaurant, I have sympathy with him.

But I am afraid he and other traders in Newark may have to get use to the decline in trade at their premises as more and more people will avoid Newark, not just while Severn Trent continue with works but once Newark Growth Point is fully active.

With an extra 7,000-plus houses built in Newark, this will mean approximately 14,000 extra vehicles trying to move around Newark while no consideration is given by Newark and Sherwood pen-pushers to provide the infrastructure before these new homes are built.

Nobody needs telling about the nightmare journeys in the Newark area at present and that is without diverting away from roads full of potholes  —sorry, craters.

Everyone I talk to has the same views and now avoid Newark, even shopping out of the area, such as at Lincoln and Nottingham.

You can’t blame them. —Vince Cross, Fernwood (Full address supplied).