Somewhere, I have a clipping from the Advertiser from when the Nottinghamshire County Council bought its first CCTV car (CCTV Car To Prevent Poor Parking, Advertiser, May 31).

That one cost more than £47,000 for a Peugeot 107.

I queried the enormous price paid then.

This one is costing slightly less at £45,000.

Please, will someone give me and the rest of the residents of this county a complete and thorough breakdown of these apparently ridiculously high prices?

Until they do, and it must be a convincing explanation, I will think there is something seriously wrong with both these deals.

Incidentally, if 1,500 penalty charge notices have been issued in two years (750 per year) how much has been paid back into the cost of these operations, or does the money go elsewhere?

Finally, has anyone outside of Nottingham seen this/these vehicles? — BRIAN CLARK, Hayside Avenue, Balderton.