The effect of the temporary closure of the junction of Cartergate and Appletongate has been a great success in stopping through traffic using the pedestrian area as a fast rat-run.

Could consideration be given to making this layout permanent?

There can be no argument for not doing so — apart from those motorists who openly flouted the law, using Baldertongate and Cartergate as short-cuts in the certain knowledge that the local police had neither the interest or the resource to stop motorists driving illegally through this pedestrian zone.

With the new one-way system — north up Cartergate and right into Baldertongate — access for deliveries is maintained, yet there is no through-way for drivers wanting a shortcut from Beaumond Cross (London Road) or nipping through Baldertongate to shortcut into Appletongate and avoid the lights and junctions along Sherwood Avenue and Friary Road.

So the ‘race track’ antics have been curbed and traffic along Appletongate, with its many tourists visiting the National Civil War Centre, has been much reduced with motorists going about their business in evidence rather than making a dash after cutting through a pedestrian zone. — J. HORTON, Appletongate, Newark.