With regard to the story £20m Plan To Create 400 Jobs (Advertiser, May 17) on paper it all sounds good, but in reality, no.

It is a floodplain. I have lived in Farndon for 52 years and have seen the damage flooding can do.

Farndon starts before the island at the Lord Ted. We love our village and don’t need more offices. There are plenty of empty ones in Newark.

We don’t need a garage and shop because there is one two minutes down the road.

On Fridays, the roads in the area are blocked as it is. We don’t need more traffic blocking us in.

Has anyone thought about the pollution? I don’t think so.

The exhibition in the village hall was a joke.

The gentlemen is attendance don’t live locally and the feeling in the hall was of anger and frustration.

I will be writing to the local planning department and the village council as I feel very strongly about it.

We do not need more buildings on the floodplain and more traffic polluting the air we breathe.

I hope the highways department put a stop to this stupid idea. — MRS Y. SPRECKLEY, Farndon (Full address supplied).