Adam Holland
Adam Holland

Long-distance runner Adam Holland has had the perfect preparation for Sunday’s London Marathon after twice completing the distance in under 2 hours 30 minutes.

Holland, of Newark, achieved his best-ever time over the distance at the Paris Marathon with a time of 2-27-55 — the first time he has achieved under 2-30 since the Chester Marathon in 2015.

He didn’t have to wait long for his third such time, which came at the Boston Marathon, Lincolnshire, on Monday. He won the race in 2-29-35.

His performances make him the tenth-fastest British marathon runner heading into the London Marathon on Sunday.

The Paris Marathon was only the third overseas race at that distance for the Notfast runner.

"History repeating itself."

Holland finished 36th out of around 50,000 entrants and was pleased with his time, having expected to clock around 2-40.


“It was history repeating itself because the day before Chester I did a Parkrun in 15-51, which was a personal best,” he said.

“I did a Parkrun in Paris in 15-53, another sub-16 minutes, and then achieved my second sub-2 hours and 30.”

Holland said he enjoyed the Paris course and taking in the sights as he made his way round.

Holland won the Epworth Easter Egg 10k, in a time of 36-01 and then won the Boston Marathon in 2-29-35 — a new course record.

Holland said the Paris and Boston courses could not have been more different with the Lincolnshire course offering plenty of vast, windy open fenland and single-track lanes.

He said: “[Achieving two of my best times] was something I wasn’t expecting and what makes it even better is every mile was under six minutes.”