Adam Holland with some of his marathon finisher medals from the Great Barrow Challenge
Adam Holland with some of his marathon finisher medals from the Great Barrow Challenge

Long-distance runner Adam Holland, known for completing marathons and ultra-marathons, moves to Devon tomorrow having completed ten marathons in ten days and competed in the British 10k.

Holland, of Notfast Running Club, will mark his last night in Newark with a farewell party, having spent four years living in the town and making a name for himself in the local running scene.

During his time in Newark he established the Newark Show-ground Christmas Challenge Day in which competitors complete as many laps of a 3.28mile course as they can and the Thoresby Trot, which involves a 2.5km, 5km or 10km run, both of which will continue.

Holland, 30, will move to Devon, his home county, to live with his partner, Catherine.

He said he had been made to feel welcome in Newark and had made many friends.

“I didn’t know anyone in Newark and I didn’t have any connections to the area,” he said.

“When I got here I competed at the tenth Parkrun and that is where I started meeting people.

“There are lots of fantastic people at Notfast and many of them have their own goals. I will be continuing to follow their progress.”

Beat course record

Holland ran seven sub-three hour marathons in the Great Barrow Challenge, which involved ten marathons in ten days, and won every race.

His total time was 29hrs 43min 1sec, giving him an average time of 2hrs 58mins 18secs.

Holland said: “It started off well, despite having a drink I shouldn’t have had on day one.

“I was given chlorine, which was a mistake by the lady at the drinks stop, which made my tummy upset on day two and day three a little bit.”

Holland said that fortunately he was the only competitor affected by the mishap.

“On the last day I did under three hours and took six minutes off the course record,” he said.

Not satisfied with running ten marathons in ten days, Holland travelled to London on Sunday to compete in the British 10k.

For much of the race he ran at the same pace as Olympic runner Gemma Steel, who eventually finished as first female.

Holland finished sixth in a time of 33-25, two seconds quicker in his second 5k than his first.