Nathan McIntosh
Nathan McIntosh

Boxer Nathan McIntosh said he was fortunate to escape serious injury after being knocked out by a “cheap shot” during a big televised fight night at Wembley Arena.

The Newark welterweight was floored by Londoner Louis Adolphe after the referee, Howard Foster, told the grappling pair to break towards the end of the first round.

Adolphe spun round and landed a right hook on the unsuspecting McIntosh.

“It was crazy,” said McIntosh, who was awarded the 14th win of his professional career after Adolphe was disqualified.

“The last thing I remember is having my back turned to him after we were in a clinch and the referee separated us.

“Then I woke up having gas and air. At first I thought he had knocked me out fairly and won. I was praising him.

“Then the referee raised my hand (as the winner) and I wondered what was going on.

“When I watched it back I saw that what happened was not good.

“I was not ready for the punch and it could have caused such a lot of damage.

“I am just thankful I am feeling all right and that I am back to normal.”

'No place for something like that in boxing'

The bout was the third main fight on the George Groves versus Jamie Cox bill, which was screened on ITV Box Office.

McIntosh’s trainer, manager and promoter, Carl Greaves, said he had not seen anything like it during his 30 years in the sport and described the knockout blow as a cheap shot.

“I have never come across anything like that before,” he said. “It was blatant.

“Nathan wasn’t even looking. He had his back to Adolphe and then — bang.

“It should not have happened. There is no place for something like that in boxing.

“The lad is a disgrace to boxing. His attitude in the ring afterwards, jumping around like he had won a world title, was so wrong.

“It was a clear disqualification. The whole crowd was booing him.”