Annabel Peach in action at the Finland Javelin Carnival. Photo: Jari Jotka
Annabel Peach in action at the Finland Javelin Carnival. Photo: Jari Jotka

A javelin thrower learned a lot about her technique as she competed at an annual sporting carnival in Finland for the third time.

Annabel Peach, 16, of Notts Athletic Club, has become a javelin specialist.

She joined throwers from across the world in Pihtipudas to gain tips from some of the best javelin coaches.

“It was an amazing experience,” she said. “I met so many people, who came together to create a good atmosphere.

“Everyone there loved the sport and it was a completely different environment to what I am used to.

“In the UK, javelin does not seem as well supported as other athletics events, so it was great to go to a place where it was the main sport.”

Peach, of North Musdkham, was coached by Tero Pitkamaki, a former world champion with a best throw of more than 91 metres.

Peach took part in two competitions, finishing eighth in the first with a best distance of 39-45m.

She followed that up with 39.14m to claim fourth in the second competition.

Peach was pleased with her development and said she learned a lot about her own performance.

“Pretty much every coach I spoke to explained the importance of having a really good left-leg block,” she said.

“It’s vital to stay behind your left leg and make sure your body has a strong left-side to throw over.

“That was one of the biggest things I was taught and hopefully it will help me in the future.

“I will keep going back to the carnival every year as long as I am able.”